MENARINI Group Code of Conduct

Integrity and ethics are the foundations of our actions

The MENARINI Group Code of Conduct expresses the values that inspire our Group in its work. In no way may the intention of operating in the interest of MENARINI, or a direct or indirect subsidiary, justify the adoption of conduct which contradicts the principles contained in this Code of Conduct.

We are convinced that constantly placing integrity and ethics at the foundation of our actions is the source of our strength and the key to ever-increasing success.

This code is not just a collection of words on a sheet of paper, but a direct, concrete guide to inspire the conduct of directors, managers and employees in Italy and abroad, as well as a commitment towards collective based on conscious actions with regard to our stakeholders.

The MENARINI Group Code of Conduct is applicable for all Group companies, wherever they are located in the world.


Menarini Group Code of Conduct (English)
Global Third Parties' Code of Conduct

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